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Ever since I was a kid, I have always been passionate about environmental issues and the safety of food prepared for the public. That was a long time ago but I still am concerned about how food is prepared for the public and how unaware the public is about the food they consume and the possible foodborne illness or allergic reactions which can result. One of the best comments I received from my students was: “The course was interesting, but Sally was the best part! She was knowledgeable and kept us moving from various topics without being bored. She was awesome!” Groups I have taught include seniors, high school students, parents of elementary children, parent groups and classes for those who have experienced financial, physical or mental hardship. One group had students who had overcome alcoholism. A student remarked to me: “Thank you very much for the course. I am a recovering alcoholic and this certificate will give me a job which will help me get back on my feet again!” Also in the same group were two young women who had physical challenges. They were worried about the tests. Both did very well and were so excited to receive their certificates. Both went on to get chef positions at community kitchens in Vancouver and were spurred on to take further training at the local college! Training helped immensely in improving the lives of these students.


Challenge yourself to become interested in the safety of your food preparation. Check out the Food Safety Makes Sense and Safe Travel Foodwise blogs to increase your knowledge. As a Certified Public Health Inspector and Food Safety Specialist, international conference speaker, and writer I can help you or your operation improve your food safety knowledge to prevent foodborne illness & allergic reactions.



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ENVIRO-FOOD CONSULTING is a foodservice consulting business run by Sally de la Rue Browne, Certified Public Health Inspector and Food Safety Specialist.

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