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ENVIRO-FOOD CONSULTING is a foodservice consulting business run by Sally de la Rue Browne, Certified Public Health Inspector and Food Safety Specialist.

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In My Opinion

Traveling around the world is a fabulous experience which few people get to do. On my travels throughout Europe and Asia, I have noticed a massive increase in the number of tourists at each destination. While this will help the economy of that country, the fact is that there are too many people which are stretching the limits of the destination's resources. Venice this year has been a good example where thousands of cruise ship passengers and other tourists swarm into the city and crowds are everywhere. The solution of limiting the number of tourists entering is a help. However, once the cruise ship passengers leave, the other tourists are still there but in smaller numbers. Perhaps many famous locations will have to charge more, limit the number of tourists attending on a set date, etc. This photo is in front of the Game of Thrones ship in Dubrovnik. Due to the popularity of the series, tourists are everywhere in Dubrovnik and this ship provides tours to the fortress. Only time will tell if more cities do limit their visitors and reduce the crowding!