4 Tips to Ensure Safe Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy

Trick or treat? Halloween is tomorrow and children will be out in costume collecting candies. Here are 4 tips to ensure your child's candy supply is safe: 1. Always check the candy when you get home from trick or treating. Never accept home-prepared foods because you don't know how they have been prepared. In the past, there have been incidences such as finding razor blades in apples. The candies should be packaged. 2. Look for candies which could be cannabis edibles. The cannabis in these products is enough to harm a child. One example is gummy bears which look similar to the cannabis variety of gummy bears. Again, check the packaging before any candy is eaten. 3. Look for any rips or tears in products which could suggest tampering. If the candy looks unusual or damaged, discard and don't allow your child to consume. 4. Check candies for any unusual smells or wet packaging which could suggest chemicals or damage from an unknown liquid. Most importantly, have lots of fun on Halloween with your children and follow these tips for safe candy!


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