Summer Food Safety At The Cabin

With summer in full swing, it’s great to have a holiday at the cabin. Food storage can be a problem as people tend to leave canned food and pre-packaged milk and then forget to check the code date. Canned foods do not last forever. If there is no code date, the best rule to follow is to use the product within a year of purchasing. If you can’t remember when the canned items were purchased, it would be a good idea to throw them out to be safe. Food does decay with time and canned foods are no exception. I remember checking one lot of canned foods on a recreational property. The lids were ready to explode and the cans appeared to be 5 years old! You will not save money by keeping canned items for long periods of time. If you go to your cabin on a yearly or twice-yearly basis, make a habit of removing the canned foods that are there and replacing them. This will cost less than causing a foodborne illness and being too ill to enjoy your summer holiday.

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