Where's The Conversation?

I recently went on a cruise ship for a holiday. What was so nice about dining out was that no one was on their cell phones! Normally, when you walk into any restaurant, coffee shop or public place, many are so engrossed with their devices that they have forgotten how to converse. Where has conversation gone? Besides the health effects from wifi and the increasing use of wifi devices in our world, we have also entered into a social revolution where we communicate through devices. Are we really communicating at all? It is not uncommon to watch a couple at dinner or lunch who spend the entire time on their cell phones with barely a word to each other. This also falls under addiction. Witness the lady at the supermarket, so engrossed in her phone that she kept handing the cashier credit cards which didn’t work. Finally, she found one that did but all the while kept talking on her phone. Meanwhile, the line-up was growing longer and the cashier frustrated with trying to get payment from one customer. We are so addicted to our devices that we will stop at nothing to keep using them. Our society has now entered a new phase of rudeness which happens on a daily basis. The majority of conversations on our phones are not urgent and yet people are constantly checking for messages. Some adults and children will never learn how to carry on a conversation with another person. As they enter into work and other relationships, communication is a key factor that they won’t know how to handle. The conversation isn’t lost. It needs to be revived.

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