Tips for Safe Travel in Iceland

Iceland is a magnificent place. However, it is very expensive. The best way to visit Iceland is to go camping and prepare your own food. For example, a hamburger could cost you around $30.00 Canadian! On this trip, we did a self-guided tour organized by Nordic Visitor and stayed in hotels along the way. Camping was an option but the weather was stormy for a few days so would not have been pleasant. We were able to use a GPS system with our car which was extremely helpful when it worked. Otherwise, the maps we were given were very easy to follow. One thing we did notice was very little traffic on the road. Iceland is one/tenth glaciers with a tremendous amount of lava fields and amazing glaciers and waterfalls. Many tourists plan to drive the entire island in two weeks. This ends up being a rushed vacation with a lot of driving. The land is quite isolated but has many inspiring mountains and land shapes unseen by us before.

You don't encounter much traffic when driving in Iceland!

Driving in Iceland can present challenges as well so there is a video for all visitors to watch before renting a car. Tourists have a habit of stopping in the middle of the road to take a photo. There are no other cars around so they figure it is safe. However, this actually happened to us where a car just stopped on the road in front of us with no warning. Also, tourists tend to stand on the highway or run across and block the road to get photos which can be extremely dangerous.

Highway Views

Most importantly, drivers need to watch out for sheep. There are many sheep in the fields. They graze openly during the summer months until they are rounded up for the winter. Sheep will run across the road without warning. Cars have been hit by these sheep especially if one is a mother chasing her young ones!

Sheep in Iceland

The Icelandic horses are amazing as well. They travel freely in herds and you often see them when driving along the roads.

Icelandic Horse

Rainbows are a common occurrence as well. They are especially beautiful when near waterfalls and can appear and disappear very quickly. The weather changes frequently throughout the day in Iceland. It is possible to experience all four seasons in one day which we did!

Rainbow in Iceland

The Icelandic hot dog is different from a Canadian hot dog. It is made with lamb and brown mustard on the bun. It's worth a try!

Hot dog with brown sauce

Last of all, there are different restaurants to visit in Rekjavik, the capital city. That will be in my next blog.

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